…And the scene comes full circle. Acknowledgement in Memoriam

Tim Williams Memorial Show w/ The Return of Jerk Magnet
Countess of Persia

June 18, 2010
doors open 8:30pm

at The Basement
744 Broadway
Kingston, NY

Advance Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/113767
(Ages 21+ / $5) (Ages 18-20 / $7)
no one under the age of 18 will be admitted. bring ID!

Several Fridays ago I learned one of Alternative Press Magazine’s “Bands You Need to Know in 2010” was playing a show in my local scene via @NFAW that night. While there is without a doubt a striving scene in Nyack, New York, not many touring bands roll through anymore. Soon as Nightmares For A Week took the stage, back-up vocalist and bassist, Sean-Paul Pillsworth, informed the crowd that he and his bandmates had just come from a wake. Their close friend, Tim Williams, had just passed on. Though their hearts were heavy, the alternative folk/punk rock trio, tore the Indigo Paradise stage up! NFAW channeled their loss into an incredibly moving and extremely tight performance that won’t be forgotten.

The members of Nightmares For A Week will be reuniting with their former bands on Friday, June 18th, 2010 to remember their lost friend.

24 year-old Tim Williams was a loving and highly supportive music fan and technical drummer. He often offered to lend his gear out to other bands for studio and live use. Tim played in Arcadia (which became) Escalus, The Mast Year (they recorded 2 songs with Sean-Paul at Leaning Tree Studio before he was kicked out due to his chronic sickness), and he was amidst recording with The Media since the previous drummer (Steven Markota) has become quite busy with Nightmares For A Week. The day of his passing, Tim was scheduled to record some more drums for The Media at Will Tendy’s studio.

It’s been about 8 years since Jerk Magnet has rocked the Hudson Valley. This very special cause is pulling them out of retirement for the night! Word is they’ll be performing their entire Seven Minutes in Heaven (John Naclerio / Chris Bittner) album with the original line-up (Sean-Paul, Bill Manley, Mike Cashen, Jay Longendyke, Justin Meyer) as well as handing out burned copies of the 2002 record. Another band had emerged from the ashes of the HV scene pop-punk staple, Anadivine. In 2003 they released the self-titled EP (featuring guest vocals from Coheed and Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez – and a few songs about SPP’s friendship with Josh Eppard). 2004 saw the release of their full length, Zoo. Not too long after Anadivine seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth. Bill Manley and Sean-Paul were pursuing separate bands for the first time since, well… In 1998 they were in Least Likely to Succeed (LLTS) together. Then Jerk Magnet formed. After Anadivine Bill started The Median. Sean-Paul joined Divest, Counterfeit Disaster, formed Big Town Small Town… As great as all the music produced from those projects are- the duo just weren’t as satisfied as they are now in Nightmares For A Week. May of 2008 the original Anadivine line-up reunited to rock out for one night at The Basement. The reflowing of chemistry sparked by the performance pulled Bill and Sean-Paul back together. With Steven Markota (who’s 14th birthday party Jerk Magnet performed at) rounding off the group, the band chose a lyric from their mutual influence- Jawbreaker’s “Fireman” – to represent their formation. NFAW are currently in pre-production of their debut LP scheduled to commence production later this month in Nada Studio with John Naclerio.

Steven Markota has played in a ton of bands (more than Sean-Paul and Bill, despite his age of 22), but the one project that had the largest impact on the Hudson Valley was the experimental, semi-psychedelic Astronauts. Word is their reunion will be somewhat of a hybrid, being as vocalist and pianist- Chris Bigley, has relocated to Portland, Oregon. Bassist- Simon Hegarty, guitarist- Corey Burleigh, guitarist- Jacob Daniel (The Ricochet) are to play through songs from their 3 releases… 2006 Wizards EP, 2007 split EP, 2008 Boneshaker Demo (recorded at Leaning Tree Studio).

Hudson Valley rockers from 2006-2008 Countess of Persia will also be reuniting to honor the memory of Tim Williams.

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