Welcome to A Thousand Torches!

Hey all,

I’m building an official home for TheFamily3 Community that will consist of a forum and newsfeed, independent of all other websites so we can always have our place to chat and see what’s up, no matter what social networking/messaging site is on top. I need your help. To get our own domain name, webspace, dependable forum software, posting software and account to listen/download/share rare music files (via soundcloud), I need to raise $500.

Originally I approached the current members of theband3 with this concept in 2008. They as well as the original members of 3 support this effort and feel it will be a good way for all of us to connect, as well as explore the mountains of hidden/continuous material. The music has been constant since 3 was formed, and not just limited to that band name (though the catalog is incredibly vast). Support has been constant over the years as well, but the two have yet to really come together. There have been other fan resources and forums, but due to a lack of direction and funding, they’ve fallen apart. There’s so many awesome things we can do together, especially since we have the direct support of the artists, but we’ve gotta breathe life into A Thousand Torches!

Currently our denizens are spread out on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Tumblr… with tumblr as the main posting base. It’s nice and all, but not ideal by any means. Since April I’ve gathered/written 100 articles to get started and during that time Coheed and Cambria, Kayo Dot, By Land Or Sea, Stick Men and Davenport Cabinet have put out new releases. There’s so much more music to uncover and shows to talk about!

A Thousand Torches must move forward with an identity as well. I want one of you to design the logo! I’ve had a million ideas and no talent to bring any to life, so I want to see what moves you. By Monday, July 5th. There’s no limit on amount of submissions. The only thing I ask is that you follow your gut. Please email your submissions to neesh@athousandtorches.com and I will also post them for fellow denizens to see. The week that contest entry is halted I’ll make the final decision (taking all voiced opinions into consideration) and send the winner a package of memorabilia that I have collected over the years.

Please donate (any amount helps!), spread the word, and together we’ll rock this world right!

Much Love,

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