CODESEVEN reunion! Info, video interview from ’04 and streaming audio of all 3 albums!

It’s official… Codeseven is reuniting this fall! Exactly what that entails is still unknown, but there are severe hints at some new (DIY?) shows and maybe even a new record!  Codeseven rocked the world from 1995 to 2005.  They announced their myspace account will no longer be used (facebook and twitter links are in this post) and the band also put up every single song from their 3 records for streaming via soundcloud.  I embedded all three albums in this post.  You can embed any of the players (or even individual songs) on your own tumblr/blog by clicking the “</>” button, grabbing the code, and pasting in your blog’s “edit HTML” section.  SoundCloud makes it even easier to share if you want to use Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Delicious, StumbleUpon, or email by just clicking the corresponding image in the “</>” window and following the detailed instructions.

Formed in the summer of 94 under the name “Oppression” (which was basically a Fear Factory/Pantera rip off band). The following year Jeff and Big D joined, changed the name to Codeseven and decided to rip off some new bands. The name comes from a mix of Snoop Doggie Dog and Downset lyrics. We wanted a name that didn’t sound Metal or Punk so you would have to listen to the music before you judged us. Hmm, not sure if that one worked or not.

We recorded an EP that we hand dubbed on cassette called “Paper Or Plastic” in 95 that was only meant to help get us on local shows. Huel Records liked it and too our dismay, released it onto CD the following year. It was pressed 3 times with 3 different color schemes. It’s been out of print since 96 and we hope to keep it that way. It’s terrible in a “we’re only 16 kind of way”.

After that we almost signed to Earache (being on the same label as Anal Cunt was a big deal to us) but decided to go with The Music Cartel. Looking back …it was a bad move to sign with either of these labels and really held us back as a band. Ohh well……we put out 3 records on TMC (Sense Of Coalition, Division Of Labor, and The Rescue) and every record sounded like a different band. This resulted in having to rebuild a new fan base with every release. Probably not the smartest move but creatively…it was so much fun. When The Rescue came out and the hardcore was gone, we we’re getting death threats which kept things interesting.

Move ahead to 2003. We signed with Equalvision (which we wish would have happened in 98) and started the writing process. Our sound evolved as always and we released “Dancing Echoes Dead Sounds”. It was an awesome experience and the tours we supported were really fun.

Needless to say we went on hiatus a year after that release. I think there is two kinds of success in the music world. Creative success and Mass Appeal success. Our goal was to have our peers dig us and push ourselves to the limit with what we could write musically and I think we accomplished that. This route also means bills pile up at home and emotionally you are put through the ringer. It’s not very sustainable, and sadly…it had to end. Get a job. Replenish the bank account. Pay some bills. Become friends again. I call this going back to civilian life. It’s not easy but had to done.

As far as the C7 story goes….that sums it up in as few words as possible. Hope you enjoyed my brief take of our journey and maybe at some point this story will continue.

-James Tuttle (guitar/keys)


Dancing Echoes Dead Sounds by codeseven

The Rescue by codeseven

Division Of Labor by codeseven

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