Twitter Tuesday (Weekly Wrap-Up)

Below are some tweet highlights from within thefamily3 over the past week.  The following microblogs cover studio updates, album releases, music videos, and other fun stuff!  aKt went through the hassle of clicking through every link and weeding out the most informative, so you don’t have to!  Unless you’re a tweeper.  If that’s the case, make sure to follow us! @aKtorches

BrokenRadio33: Looking for some show feedback over on the facebook, any input and ideas would be great! – Lorren

MetalBlade: 3 “Lexicon Of Extremism” video is up on!

terriblethings: We have another brand new song up, Lullaby!

FlannelChannel: Don’t worry we still here studios been busy…finishing up soon and back on ustream!!!

tobydriver: “composer/musicians who get bored with our primary instrument, switch to another for awhile, get bored with that, and then switch back”

xryanrussellx: Hey! Here’s a little clip I filmed at the @terriblethings show last month:

Neesh: RT @FaithSugarhigh: <- Donation Fund for Matthew Leone of @MadinaLake

ChrisSleeping: RT @aKtorches: in-studio video + info about @TheSleepingNY at @AppleheadRecord

TheSleepingNY: Everyone follow the studio we are recording at @appleheadrecord These guys know what’s up.

TheOfficialA7X: Nightmare is now available for digital pre-order on iTunes which contains the non-album bonus track “Lost It All” –

claudioPsanchez: KILL AUDIO HARDCOVER OUT THIS WEDNESDAY – (via @boomstudios)

Coheed: Claudio update from Cologne, Germany!

NFAW: update #3!

flat_symphony: We are selling advance tickets to our July 30th show at The Pulse with MyChildren MyBride for $10! Get in contact with us to purchase one!

rickwhispers: The song is called shards of smoke- video by Jim fresh

rickwhispers: Peep the video from the show I did with terror at bogies in Albany with Sev Statik

dougsleeping: Drum tracks are finished!! @thesleepingNY are setting it off.

TheOfficialA7X: Letter From Zacky
Letter From Zacky Vengeance of Avenged Sevenfold

NFAW: Jimmy Felice lending his amazing talent to our record
James Felice of The Felice Brothers at Nada Recording performing accordion for Nightmares For A Week

RealJoshEppard: Hey new terrible things song up on pure volume! Its one of my favs

terriblethings: Summerfest! What a way to end tour playing with/ Joan Jett, Santana,steve winwood, the hold steady,offspring,the roots,oar, cameo Word up!!!

thecolorfred: RT @TerribleThings ? We’re on the front page of @PureVolume today. Check the new song!

officialband3: Things are rolling right a long with recording. We worked on some vocals today and they’re sounding amazing so far.

MikePortnoyDT: MP & Neil Peart – July 1st 2010
Neil Peart of Rush and Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater

merchnow: Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster Limited Edition/Hand-Numbered 7″ is now available for pre-sale! @MATSOD @ferretmusic

officialband3: Learning some new songs for Bearsville!

Teaser frame of Avenged Sevenfold's music video for the song "Nightmare"

jtb666: Check this video out — Rock Show Addiction’s Interview with TERRIBLE THINGS (PART 2)

morganyevans: Antidote 8 are doing drums at @darkworldstudio + we’ve done “unpredictable”. “Down For The Count” & “Take It To Heart” are here today too.

NFAW: Another video update soon!! We’re putting the finishing touches on the record as we speak. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

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