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Mike Dolbear DRUMS: Chris Pennie Interview #2

Chris Pennie by Jerome Marcus

posted January 2010 (dated October 2009) by Jerome Marcus Chris Pennie has become one of the most talked about drummers around today. At 31 years old, he’s had a long journey so far and now sits in the drum seat … Continue reading

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Mike Dolbear DRUMS: Interview with Chris Pennie #3

Chris Pennie

posted: October, 2010 by Sam Slater It’s been more than three years since Chris Pennie joined forces with boundary-pushing rock band Coheed and Cambria, but it’s only with the release of their latest album that he’s finally made his recording … Continue reading

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YRB Interview: Terrible Things

Terrible Things (Josh Eppard, Fred Mascherino, Andy Jackson) by Ryan Russell October 12, 2010 by Nate Santos Having torn up the stage for years, the trio of Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday), Josh Eppard (Coheed and Cambria) and Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit) were equally struck with a vocation to … Continue reading

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thefamily3 at NYC’s CMJ Marathon 2010

The Southwest has SXSW in the spring, but the Northeast has the CMJ Marathon in the fall.  Artists from all strides (this year, about 1,200) pack into 75 venues (spanning from tiny loft-type spaces all the way to Madison Square Garden) all … Continue reading

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Nightmares For A Week release album details

Nightmares For A Week - Don't Die

Earlier today AbsolutePunk posted the track listing and release date for Nightmares For A Week‘s forthcoming debut album.  In light of this news, Nightmares For A Week’s Don’t Die was erased from the “Awaiting Release” section of aKt’s Release Calendar and penciled … Continue reading

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AbsolutePunk: Nightmares Don’t Die

by Adam Pfleider Nightmares for a Week will release Don’t Die via Academy Fight Song on December 7th. Tracklisting 1. You Destroy Me 2. Baby 3. Veins 4. Old House 5. Bear Mountain 6. Our Vessel 7. Alright 8. Lightning Rod … Continue reading

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Crusher Magazine Live Review: Three / The Dear Hunter @ Bearsville Theater

Joey Eppard of 3

THREE THE DEAR HUNTER BEARSVILLE THEATER MAY 9, 2009 by Morgan Y. Evans photos by Angela Tampone LINKS: The Bearsville Theater, just outside of world famous Woodstock, New York, is a beautiful, esteemed venue with a great sound … Continue reading

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Crusher Magazine Interview: Three

3 January 2008 by Morgan Y. Evans Woodstock, New York’s Three are one of the hottest rising bands on the underground scene. From touring with the likes of Coheed and Cambria and Porcupine Tree, to conquering Headbanger’s Ball with their … Continue reading

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Mind Equal Blown Interview: By Land Or Sea

By Land Or Sea June 18, 2010 by Joey Dussault I recently had the opportunity to talk with chat with our friends Adam and Frank by By Land Or Sea (previously known as Frankie and His Fingers) about their newest release, transitioning names and whats … Continue reading

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MTV2 Headbanger’s Ball: Guest Blog: 3 Frontman Joey Eppard’s Life Changed By Hudson Valley UFO Experience

originally posted: March 10, 2008 by Joey Eppard The year was 1983. I was 6 years old. We pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. My grandparents seemed to freeze in their tracks, pointing into the sky. … Continue reading


Arlington Live Music Examiner: Keeping Funk alive


by Vincent Brown Who is keeping Funk alive?  At least three funk bands were directly affected by the death of legendary Funk guitarist Garry Shider on June 16, 2010.  Funk stars of the seventies are getting old.  George Clinton and … Continue reading

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The Dailyer Nebraskan: Silent Understanding: An Interview With Travis Stever Of Coheed And Cambria

Travis Stever October 5, 2010 by Jacob Fricke Ten years and five albums into his career, guitarist Travis Stever thinks his band is the best they’ve ever been. It’s hard to argue with him. His band, Coheed & Cambria, have sold … Continue reading

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The Latest From Mars

3 - Loving the live room!

We haven’t written a proper news update in a while, but those who follow the A Thousand Torches tumblelog, twitter and facebook know that plenty has been happening within thefamily3. The band 3 sure has been busy!  They’re hard at … Continue reading

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