thefamily3 at NYC’s CMJ Marathon 2010

The Southwest has SXSW in the spring, but the Northeast has the CMJ Marathon in the fall.  Artists from all strides (this year, about 1,200) pack into 75 venues (spanning from tiny loft-type spaces all the way to Madison Square Garden) all in the city that never sleeps.  The festival attracts music connoisseurs, music industry folks, college radio workers, filmmakers, and of course- press for the 5 days it runs.  U2, R.E.M., Nirvana, Green Day, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Muse, White Stripes, The Killers, Justice, and Lady Gaga, are some of the names who’ve garnered the next level of attention at CMJs in the past.

  • Tuesday, October 19 – 6:30PM – Alphabet Lounge – Kiss Kiss‘ Josh, James & Rebecca + Stephanie (harp) & Ben
  • Tuesday, October 19 – 1:00AM – Kenny’s Castaways – Cosmonaut
  • Wednesday, October 20 – 4:30PM – Arlene’s Grocery – AM to AM
  • Wednesday, October 20 – 7:00PM – Gramercy Theatre – Terrible Things
  • Wednesday, October 20 – 9:15PM – Lit Lounge – Emily Long
  • Friday, October 22 – 6:30PM – Crash Mansion – Emily Long

The CMJ Marathon is also a film festival.  Such classics as Pulp Fiction, American History X, Fight Club, Walk The Line, and Borat have debuted during the fest.

Our friends from Rock ‘N’ Reel Productions will be premiering an early cut of the first episode from the music documentary series, Punk Jews.  You can catch that along with with music from Onili, Ivri Lider, Sagol 59, Hybrid Lava, Carusella, Tamar Eisenman, Izabo on Wednesday evening at Drom.  For complete information please visit their official announcement.

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