Nightmares For A Week release debut Music Video (and it’s an Alternative Press exclusive!)

Nightmares For A Week – “Veins”

NFAW’s introductory music video was posted Tuesday on the front page of Alternative Press’ website.  The limited edition 7” Vinyl Single of the song was also released on Tuesday via Academy Fight Song Records.  Its B-Side is a brand new recording of “Feelin’ Blue” (who’s demo appears on the Hudson Valley compilation, Butterflies and Butcher Knives: Vol. 1).  Only 300 of these babies have been printed up!  There’s 50 black, 125 in clear red, and 125 solid gray up for grabs.  Included in the purchase is also an instant digital download of the audio.  The “Veins” single is only available at the Academy Fight Song Store.

Nightmares For A Week - Veins 7" Single designed by Timmy Brothers

The stunning artwork was designed by Timmy Brothers, not to be confused with the “Tim” which appears on an amp in electric tape.  Instead, that is an homage to a recently lost friend, Tim Williams.

MP3s of “Veins” and Feelin’ Blue” can also be snatched up, along with NFAW’s 2009 EP (A Flood Tomorrow) on iTunes.  And Amazon.  And anywhere else you go for digital downloads. called A Flood Tomorrow “one of the best EPs of the year.”  Upon listening to it, Alternative Press Magazine pinned Nightmares For A Week as one of the “Bands You Need To Know in 2010.”

Nightmares For A Week "Veins" 7" Vinyl Single in action by Academy Fight Song

The “Veins” Music Video was directed, cut and post-produced by the same guy who did Weerd Science’s “Conspiracy Theories w/Out Mel Gibson,” Chris Rahm.  Here’s what he tumbled about the video…

Reblog via rustwerx:

My latest work! Music video for Nightmares for a Week’s new single Veins. I directed, cut and did all the post for the video, was shot by Zoltan David, crewed and supported by Ellenbogen Creative.  The whole shebang is a Daring Handsome Killing Machine joint.

We shot this with a single camera – Sony EX-3 mated with a Letus35 Ultimate – we actually used two lenses for this, a Zeiss 50 and 21 but wound up only using the 50 cause it looked so damn good by itself.  We used a slider rig to keep the camera constantly moving – i wanted the cut to feel fluid by keeping up a persistent move, i’d be able to match up shots based on movement and framing on mundane rock video subjects like guitars and drums while keeping it fresh and dynamic.  The shallow DOF on the 50 was awesome to work with too.

There were entire wide shot takes of this video using just the stock fujinon lens on the EX-3 but once i got into editing I just didn’t have any room for the wide shots, so instead it became a frantic indulgence on the traditional rock video: no dumb romance subplots between teenagers, no screaming crowd of setup fans, no costly setups in abandoned factories or warehouses.  Just the good ol raw attitude of NFAW tearing it up.

There are actually more than a few songs on the new album that i’d love to shoot a video for, but with a bigger budget this time so we could do more of a plot narrative, we’ll see!


Nightmares For A Week is a trio composed of former band members from Least Likely To Succeed, Jerk Magnet, Anadivine, Ghost Among The Dead, The Median, Divest, Astronauts, Counterfeit Disaster, Big Town Small Town.

The debut full length record, Don’t Die, will be out on December 7th on Academy Fight Song.

NFAW just returned from Gainesville, Florida’s The Fest 9.  You can catch these guys live this month at:

Nov 12, 2010 – Keegan Ales – Kingston, NY
Nov 19, 2010 – Snug Harbor – New Paltz, NY

If you’re having trouble viewing the video on AP’s player, uploaded it to youtube:

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