CWG Magazine: Terrible Things @ The El Rey Plus Interview With Josh Eppard

by Kendra Beltran
Posted: Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bands come and go. It’s what they do. Band members on the other hand…

Some never disappear, and that’s a good thing. Because when they’re amazing gifts to music, it’d be a shame to lose them forever. What kind of world would we be in if Dave Grohl had thrown in the towel just because Kurt had a slip up? Exactly! That’s the approach to take with Terrible Things. Made up of ex-members of Taking Back Sunday, Coheed and Cambria and Hot Rod Circuit, it isn’t a surprise to anyone that Terrible Things is rock and roll to the core.

Terrible Things’ first time in L.A., at The El Rey, was a good one indeed. They were the wake-up call of their current tour with Mae and even had new guy, Brian Weaver on hand tackling the bass. Bringing high-energy from the first chord of “Terrible Things.” They made sure L.A. would never to forget their name. I haven’t seen Fred Mascherino since his days in Taking Back Sunday, so it was hard to realize Adam Lazzara wouldn’t be swinging in, but Fred and the rest of the guys made me quickly forget Adam as they charged through a Storyteller set. Each song based on a string of arson in Fred’s hometown a couple years back. Aptly titled “Conspiracy” and “The Arsonist’s Wife” helped the audience connect to a small-town they will never now.

While some songs were particular, “Revolution” spawned a choir outbreak, “This is not a revolution” transformed a venue into a scene from November 1955. And while I usually loathe LA crowds the sing-along teamed with a couple who sang their hearts out to every word and a man who could’ve been my grandpa made up for any foul stigmas I’ve ever had against the uptight, City of Angel, hipsters.

Terrible Things are wrapping up things with Mae and have a handful of dates with Automatic Loveletter in December. Be sure to get their debut album Terrible Things. See they made it easy for you to remember the name, so no excuses.

A day before Terrible Things played their first show in L.A. at the El Rey, Coheed and Cambria alumni, Josh Eppard, who plays drums in Terrible Things and I enjoyed a nice chat the second he got offstage at The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA. We talked about everything, from falling back, to aliens… I suppose music was thrown in there somewhere. In the end, we ran out of time because Josh had to load his shit (his words not mine) and we continued our gabfest before he took the stage in L.A. What proceeds is some terrible and not so terrible things that came from my encounter with Josh Eppard.

Josh Eppard on The Terrible Things:

1. Halloween in the Midwest – Terrible Things were in Nebraska on All Hallows Eve, and Josh was less-than-impressed with their holiday spirit. “We all went to Wal-Mart and put together these really funky outfits with wigs, those plastic masks that are super spooky. We were having a really good time with it, so we walk onstage thinking everyone’s gonna have a good time with it, and everyone just stared at us. It was so anti-climactic. No one, literally no one, dressed up.”

2. Missing loved ones – Josh toured with Coheed for years, then he sat around once all was said and done, so he’s excited to get out and about again, but there are two special ladies he misses at home, girlfriend Tammy and her daughter, Maggie. “I’m 30 years old and I miss my girlfriend. She has a six-year-old daughter, she’s not my daughter, but she is. We’ve been together three years, and I miss Maggie more than I could ever put into words, and that’s hard sometimes, because you forget throughout the day, because you’re busy. Then when you remember, it’s like getting hit in the stomach with a bag of bricks. But they send me ‘goodnight kiss’ pictures, so that gets me through. Not to be too fucking cutesy.”

3. Talking shit on other bands – Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail said some not too popular things about bands like The Maine and All Time Low. Without playing who’s right and wrong, bottom line is shit talking in the scene is a ‘no-go’ with Josh. “Any band that puts in the work and goes out and lives on the road, we got to have some kind of comradery. We all have something in common. We all do this for a living and instead of leaning on each other, we shove each other. Instead of supporting one another, we bicker and fight.”

4. Drugs – If after school PSAs and Ke$ha don’t make you want to steer clear of drugs, Josh will. He gave advice to newcomers, “Try not to get caught up in drugs, women, the pit falls that are out there because it really is as dangerous as they say. Remember we do this because we’re creative souls. The world needs us.”

Josh Eppard on the ‘Not-So-Terrible’:

1. Having a passion – “It takes heart… everyone in this band probably sat in their room from age 7-13, didn’t leave, practiced and played because it was fun. We’re a new band becoming what we want to be; evolving, getting better every night, really becoming what we set out to do.”

2. Weerd Science – It’s more than just something Bill Nye might handle, it’s Josh’s MC stage name, and you can expect a new album from the MC in April. Josh also spilled that; not only will Weerd Science be on the SkullCandy stage on Warped Tour in 2011, but Terrible Things will be heading out that summer as well.

3. Influences – We all have them, but there are two men in Josh’s life that mean the most; musical influence, Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham, and his brother from another mother, Kwami. “When I was a kid and I heard Led Zeppelin, I could only hear the drums.” And Kwami? Him and Josh have been inseparable since Josh was five, and a story similar to The Blindside happened when Josh’s family took Kwami in. They did everything together from Josh’s first show, Stryper, to touring the world together when in Coheed, “Could we be setting ourselves up to be made fun of more in high school? I had a big, black brother who was a straight metal head.”

Again, you are advised to pick up, check out, like, love Terrible Things’ Terrible Things, out now.

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