Save Your Scene Interview with Claudio Sanchez

by Valentina. Conducted October 4, 2003 at Astoria Theatre, London.
Coheed and Cambria

Valentina: Hi Claudio, getting to know you it’s a real pleasure. First thing I wanna ask you is: How did you guys get to know each other and formed the band?

Claudio: Travis (other guitar) and I live 45 minutes far from New York City, while Josh (drums) and Mike (bass) live about one hour and a half far from us. As you may understand, we all come from different scenes…We haven’t always played together, each of us used to play in different bands before, and moreover, in different cities. I’ve known Travis since I was 13 and we have often thought about forming a band…When we’ve started with “Shabutie”, in 1995, we were three, but we’ve immediately replaced the bassplayer with Mike, who, to be sincere, only knew how to play guitar at that time!….Then Josh Eppard (drums) joined the band: he would play in a band from Woodstock, and I’ve always loved his style, I’ve always considered him one of the best bass players I know… We were having some problems with our drummer, so we told each other, “why not asking Josh if he wants to reach the band?”

Valentina: What does “Shabutie” mean?

Claudio: Nothing in particular….It’s only the name of our band before we decided to switch it in Coheed&Cambria.

Valentina: Where does the name Coheed&Cambria come from?

Claudio: Coheed and Cambria are the two main characters of the saga I’m working on…

Valentina: You? And what’s this saga all about?

Claudio:The saga’s name is “The Bag” (online adventures) and it tells the adventures of two characters , (Coheed&Cambria), trough a science fiction reality of betrayals and redemptions..The tracks of our first album are going to be the soundtrack of it..

Valentina: Cool! Now, can you tell me how’s your music changed during all these years?

Claudio: Do you mean the difference between our old and our new album or the one between Shabutie and Coheed&Cambria?

Valentina: The one between Shabutie and Coheed&Cambria.

Claudio: With Shabutie the music was very elaborated, it included too many musical styles and it seemed very confused and kind of difficult to understand then…. Now the sound is way cleaner and clearer, we’ve brought some changes and as far as the technical dimension is concerned we’ve chosen a main structure that contains what we want the kids to hear.

Valentina: What’s the story behind the title’s choice of the record “The second stage turbine blade”?

Claudio: To be sincere, it’s always about the saga I’m working on… (laughs)

Valentina: Ok..What are you expecting from tonight and which is your favorite song to play live?

Claudio: It seems to me many cool kidz showed up tonight…even though I think that not all of them know us… Speaking about the song, right now I really like playing “The crowing”, contained in our new record.

Valentina: Which are your musical influences as a band? And your all time favourite records?

Claudio: Do you really mean the all time ones?

Valentina: Yes.

Claudio: There are so many…Pink Floyd’s “Dark side if the moon”, Queen’s “Night at the opera”, some Led Zeppelin records, The Smiths… and many others.

Valentina: Last question: Do you wanna say anything to your European fans?

Claudio: I think we’ll come back to Europe soon…. (laughs)

Valentina: I guess you’re a liar! J But you really should plan to make a serious european tour. So many kidz are waiting for you to come.

Claudio: We would be really happy to come and tour Europe too… Thanks for the interview, it has been a pleasure

Valentina: Thank you Claudio, hope to see you soon.

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