aKt Exclusive Full Album Stream: Divest – Ghost Town Reckoning

Ghost Town Reckoning was recorded at Applehead Recording and Production in 2003. Divest (at that time) was Morgan Y. Evans, Dave Parker, Kurt Brown, Mike McCoy, and David Bodie. These recordings were produced by Dr. Know (Bad Brains), Danny Ilchuck, Michael Birnbaum, and Chris Bittner. The full album was never properly released, however, a 7″ vinyl single was pressed up (“Brand New Lie” / “Open Door Revelation”).

behind-the-scenes of Conspiracy Theories music videoYou can catch a glimpse of the single on the turntables in the Weerd Science “Conspiracy Theories w/Out Mel Gibson” music video… which was produced by the same dude who designed the Ghost Town Reckoning album cover- Chris Rahm (Rustwerx).

This specific version of GTR was remastered by Nate Kelley (a former member of Divest / original drummer of Shabutie) in 2009.  

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