Billy Riker

Sky High
Billy Riker Solo project
A few cassette 2-recordings with cassette overdubs exist

TNT Worship Band
Drums: Josh Peni, Mark Holsiple; Bass: Matt Mason; Acoustic guitar: Tim Baldwin, Joe Earles; Keys: Dave Hawkins, Geri Baldwin, Joe Earles; E. Guitar: Teri Brandenburg, Billy Riker; Vocals: Lou Cancell, Joe Earles, Nicole Mason, Tim Baldwin
Several Cassette recordings exist from this era

Winter 1990-91
Guitar: Billy Riker; Drums: Josh Peni; Bass: Matt Mason; Keys: Dave Hawkins; Vocals: Steve Addams
3 or 4 songs exist from this era recorded on cassette direct to boombox, A later 4track version as well as a live version also exist

H.I.M. (Heaven in Metal)
Guitar: Billy Riker, Scott Perry; Bass: Matt Mason; Drums: Mike Hanley; Vocals: Mike Hanley
A few cassette recordings exist from rehearsal

Bree/The Bree’s
Guitar: Billy Riker; Guitar/Vocals: Joey Eppard; Drums:Josh Eppard; Bass: Jesse Kinbarovsky; Triangle (on 1 recording): Katrina Ryan
Many recordings exist of rehearsals and 4-track recordings.
A lot of the elements of 3 were developed in this band

Guitar: Billy Riker; Bass: Jesse Kinbarovsky; Drums: Evan Santoro; Vocals: Billy Riker, Jesse Kinbarovsy, John Hanley
Many Recordings exist of rehearsals and 4-track recordings, as well as a live video of the 1993 Earth Day Fest opening for 3.

KHS Orchestra, All County, Area All-State
Upright Bass: Billy Riker (1st Chair)
A live recording exists from 920 WGHQ AM Radio with a smaller version of the Orchestra featuring Joey Eppard joining in on Acoustic 12-string Guitar

Uncle Barabas
Guitar: Billy Riker; Drums: Dave Sahloff; Bass: Beth Lonergan
There may be a recording of the only show, opening for 3 at the Pink Palace

The Ky-Ree’s
Guitar/Vocals: Billy Riker; Bass/Baritone Trombone: Jane Parrot; Keyboard: Diamond Dave Slotnik; Drums: Mike Ostrander
A rehearsal recording and a live recording exist

Guitar/Vocals:Billy Riker;Drums:Josh Peni;Bass:Jesse Kinbarovsky
Cassette Recording exist as well as “lost” 4 track tape and “lost” video of our live show.
We played several times at a bowling alley with a Rush cover band opening for us.

Drums: Ed Cercone; Bass: Joey Eppard; Guitar: Billy Riker; Vocals:All.
Several rehearsal recordings exist as well as a live board mix done by Chris Bittner in 1995

V2. 2007
Vocals: Max Oleson; Drums: Dave Bodie; Bass/Acoustic guitar/Vocals: Joey Eppard; Organ and Fender Rhodes: Michael Schirmer; Guitar: Billy Riker
We got together in the sudio, never having played together and documented it on the Album InsertYourNameHere(2007).

Winter 1998
Drums/Vocals: Billy Riker; Guitar/Vocals: Julia Nichols; Bass: Gabor Funk
Some 8track recordings exist of this project

Vocals/Guitar: Ben Vita Sebastion; Bass/Vocals: Paul Winkler; Drums: Pete Caigan; Live Guitar: Billy Riker
There are a few live recordings of me playing with this band as well as several studio recordings that I am not on

January 2000-present
Too much to list

Fact Sheet:

Born November 12th 1976 in Kingston, NY

First inspired to play guitar upon listening to Led Zeppelin II at age 6

First instrument: Guitar

Musical mentors: Jimmy Eppard. Joey and I share the same first guitar teacher, Lee North. She was awesome. I was also influenced by her son Sean North as well as Contender guitarists Paul Grimsland and Steve Atwood. It was more about listening to music than formal training.

Personal influences: Classic Rock, Classic Progressive Rock, African Rhythms, Indian Melodies, Dance Music, Pop, Rock, Soft Rock

Sponsored by: Analogman Effect Pedals, B.C Rich guitars, Kustom Amps, Marshall Amps

Current Gear:
B.C.Rich 10string Bich, Warlock, and Ironbird models.
Mashall JVM410H Amplifier (Live and Recording)
Kustom Coupe Hardtop Cab
Kustom ’72 Coupe Head (recording)
AnalogMan Pedals: Bi-Chorus, DOD OD250 Mojo, Peppermint Fuzz, Beano Boost, Small Stone w/mod, TR-2 Tremolo w/mod, Custom Switch Box, Modded Memory Man
Korg Blackout Tuner
Damage Control Timeline Delay
Decimator Noise Reduction

Many thanks to Billy Riker for sharing this with A Thousand Torches! (October 25th, 2008)