Bleed Theory

Bleed Theory

Biography written by Morgan Y. Evans

Bleed TheoryThe band that would later become Divest, Bleed Theory began as a studio project, more or less, by Dave, Nate and Kurt in the fall of 1997. Originally called Brain Fuck Daddy, the band dabbled in noisy, ethereal butt-rock riffs fueled by the influence of sleep deprivation and 40 oz. consumption. Enter Morgan: Nate asked Morgan to come down and collaborate on one of the tunes being worked on in the Boiler Room Studio (a/k/a: Parker’s highly insulated basement with a digital 8-track). The fit was great and almost instantaneously, the band decided to take the music more seriously. The first order of business – a new name. Getting shows in Woodstock was hard enough without an obscene and offensive name (although somehow the Woodstock Times ran a few uncensored show ads for Brain Fuck in the family newspaper!). So, the band was renamed Bleed Theory. This band was a side project for Nate, Morgan and Josh Eppard who were involved in ShabutieFuse and 3, respectively. And, soon Josh left to take Nate’s place in Shabutie (later to become Coheed and Cambria) and Zac Shaw, a long time friend of Nate and Morgan took up where Josh had left off. The band proceeded until 2001 when Nate left and was replaced by Mike McCoy on bass. The band then evolved into Divest. The rest is history. Nate and Morgan are now conducting sonic experiments in Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch. This where it all started, though…

past members: Morgan Evans, Kurt Brown, Dave Parker, Nate Kelley, Zac Shaw, Josh Eppard


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