Daniel Grimsland

1997- Not Mere Men – Bass, Guitar. (My first band, I was 12.)

1999- McFly – Guitar, Backing vocals. (3 piece punk band featuring 2 other members of Not Mere Men. I also played Guitar in a band called T-120.)

2001- Hallow Legacy– Bass, Backing vocals. (Kingston hardcore band featuring some of my best friends Matt Kolbinski, Josiah Smith, Kyle Chahanovich, and Mike Saracino. Some of the most fun I ever had.)

In 2002 I went on my first tour ever with Hallow Legacy and Mercury Switch.

In 2003 I began playing with Ceili Rain. A Nashville based band lead by singer/songwriter Bob Halligan Jr. (Cher, Judas Priest, and many others). I learned a lot from Bob and the rest of the band, this was my first professional gig. Also around this time I began working with Jerry Marotta, and he introduced me into the studio world.

I began doing sessions in 2003/2004 and still continue to work with many great artists such as, Rhett Miller on music for the the ABC sitcom “I’m With Her,” Pierce Turner on his record Boy to Be With,  Roman Klun on his record Kingsway, Jeremy Lichter, Tamar Haviv, The Passage Project, Kelly Boyes, Jon Patell, and most recently The Rose West, and The Ricochet.

At that time I was also playing with Southview– Bass, Backing vocals. Saugerties rock band featuring Anthony Misassi, Vinnie Peone, and Travis Satten. We also had a side project called Books About Sailing.

Ghost Among the Dead– Bass, Backing vocals. (Kingston Metalcore band featuring Matt Kolbinski, Josiah Smith, Jacob Kolbinski, and Rickey Harden. Along with Steven Markota, Matt Whitaker, and Elliot Gellar (past members). Great band that did really well in the area.)

The Ciggs– Drums, Backing vocals. Ghost Among the Dead side project with Matt, Jacob, and Josiah. One of my very favorite projects! Just straight up rock n roll.

The Grey 46 Project– Bass. All improve band with Joel Brennan and rotating members.

Jim Weider Band II (Now known as Project Percolater)- Bass. Fusion/Rock/Instrumental band with legendary musicians Jim Weider (The Band) Jesse Gress (Todd Rundgren) and Randy Ciarlante (The Band).

The Joey Eppard Band– Bass.  This is where I first met Joey.  This was an amazing band that featured Joey, Jerry Marotta, Ben Butler and Mike Visceglia.  I was recommended by Jerry Marotta to fill in for Mike who was on tour with Suzanne Vega.  We played every Monday night at The Bitter End in New York City.  Shortly after those gigs had ended, in 2005 I was asked to join 3 as a full member of the band.


Not Mere Men – demos – Bass, Guitar

McFly – The Parents are Attacking EP – Guitar, Backing voacals

Hallow Legacy – Final Justice EP and untitled demos – Bass

Ceili Rain – Change in Your Pocket – Bass

Peirce Turner – Boy to Be With – Bass

Tamar Haviv – Girls Away From Girls EP – Bass

Jeremy Lichter – Unreleased – Bass

The Passage Project – Unreleased – Bass

Ghost Among The Dead – “Red River” single – Bass

Southview – Leaving Home EP – Bass

The Ciggs – Self Titled EP – Drums, Bass, Guitar

Power Castle – Lives! EP – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

Kelly Boyes – The Darkness and The Dawn – Drums, Bass

Rhett Miller – Demos for his record The Believer – Bass

Roman Klun – Kingsway – Bass

Jon Patell – An Old Car – Bass

The Ricochet – Don’t Feel – Bass, Drums, Guitar, Backing Vocals

The Rose West – TBA – Bass

Discography with 3

Wake Pig Rerelease – Bass on “Monster” and “Circus Without Clowns”
The End Is Begun – Bass, Keyboards
Revisions – Bass, Keyboards, Mandolin, Backing Vocals

Many thanks to Daniel Grimsland for sharing this with A Thousand Torches! (July 30th, 2010)
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