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Ghost Among The Dead was a metalcore band hailing from Kingston, NY. After the break-up of Hands To Unmake, a local high school metalcore band that was rapidly gaining support and receiving press from the local hardcore scene at the time of its demise, members Jake and Rick were in search of talented musicians to create a new project. Without any hesitation, they joined forces with ex-members of former local hardcore juggernaut Hallow Legacy and friend Steven. Matt (Hoss), Jake’s brother, Josiah, and Steven proved to be compatible with the two musicians. Ricky eventually departed the band for school and Eliot Geller filled his shoes. With the emphasis on both an electrifying stage show and technical musicianship, Ghost Among The Dead looked to bring their passion for hardcore to those who also embrace it.

Ghost Among The Dead logo

Matt (Hoss) Kolbinski – Vocals
Josiah Smith – Guitar
Steven Markota – Bass
Jake Kolbinski – Guitar
Ricky Harnden – Drums
Eliot Geller – Drums

associated projects: Astronauts, The Ciggs, The Ricochet, Nightmares For A Week,