Morgan Evans

1993-1996 Melancholy -myspace. com/melancholywoodstock
w/ Pat Howland RIP (drums), Chris Holseapple (guitar), Jesse Cunningham (bass), Morgan Evans (vocals), Ian Fuller (later of Mearth – 2nd guitarist after Chris)

  • 1994 The Terrible Taste of Headache (live Onteora High School Pep Rally)
  • 1994 Off The Pig (1st studio demo)
  • 1995 Animated – live at Tinker Street Cafe cassette
  • 1995 Bearsville Studios DAT demo
  • 1996 Pat’s Room Demo with Ian on Guitar

1996-1997 Knucklediver -myspace. com/knucklediver
w/ Jesse Cunningham, Matt Rice, Damien Shannon (formerly of Nate Kelley’s 1st band Moe and the Boogie Cats), Colin Rice, Flannery McKenna

1996 G.I. Jesus/the Abortions (i know…bad names, lol)
w/ Simon Ampel (drums), Flannery McKenna (son of Mark McKenna of Bearsville Studios/Allaire Studios), Elijah Burgher, Polly Danz

1997 The Electric Ten Inch -myspace. com/theelectricteninch
Zac Shaw (drums), Mic Todd (bass), Nate Kelley (guitar), Damien Shannon (guitar), Morgan Evans (vox)

  • only a live sony walkman practice recording exists plus Youtube version of Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch covering “Daytime Crush” on 4/4/08, 11 years later.

1997-2000 FUSE -myspace. com/fuseband
w/ Jesse Cunningham (bass/guitar), Damien Shannon (guitar), Adam Hyer (drums…formerly of Pitchfork Militia/Earshot), Graig Mosher (bass after Jesse joined the Army), Ryan Cohn (final 2nd guitarist, afterwards in the band STALKERS for awhile with Andy Animal), Dave Rabinowitz (final bassist/one show).

  • 1997/1998 Off Road (Cassette) Recorded with John Annese in Catskill, Tod Vos in Bearsville Studios and live @ CBGBS.
  • 1999 Organizm (full length CD) recorded with Daniel Goodwin (of Spin Cycle Lava), produced by Tom Moretti and Fuse
  • 1999 EAT SOME DNA – Live Joyous Lake CD Release party bootleg
  • 1999 ERROR 404 “Not Found” compilation feat. many Hudson Valley bands like Jerk Magnet, Shabutie, Mearth, Spin Cycle Lava and Fuse + More (like teknodrom, Zac Shaw’s 2nd real band before Bleed Theory/DIVEST, Counterfeit Disaster, Dead Unicorn). Compilation put together by Tom Moretti and Myself and 1st Shabutie on CD release before Penelope EP by a few months.
  • 2000 Bearsville Studios demos for 3rd “release” tentatively titled Taunt the Haunch as a joke working title feat. 2 songs finished -“Dune Bugger” and “Flood Country”

1999-2001 Brain Fuck Daddy/Bleed Theory
Josh Eppard (drums), Zac Shaw (2nd Drummer), Kurt Brown (Guitar), Nate Kelley (bass), Morgan Evans (vocals), David Parker (guitar), Mike McCoy (2nd bassist after Nate left)

  • 2000 The Hollow Point Demo CD, self-produced, art by Chris Rahm
  • 2000/2001 Taste of 7 EP
  • 2000/2001 Re:Wound EP
  • +band bio movie on Youtube

David Parker (guitars), David Bodie (drums), Morgan Evans (vocals), Mike McCoy (bass), Kurt Brown (guitar)
1st show ever was on 5/23/2001 @ Club Culture (1 year anniversary of death of Pat Howland of Melancholy)

  • 2001 In Crowded Faces EP
  • 2002 Applehead Demo (“Valley”/”And I”)
  • 2003 Ghost Town Reckoning (planned for FKM Records, remains unreleased) – produced by Dr. Know of Bad Brains, Mike Birnbaum and Chris Bittner, Danny Ilchuk.
  • 2004 Demo – recorded by Sean-Paul Pillsworth
    feat. “Dressed to Kill The Eyewitness,” “Derail” and “Gatecrasher”
  • w/ same personnel except Joe Maggio on guitar replacing Kurt Brown
    recorded @ Kenny Camachos house.
  • 2004/2005 Weeks/All Points Collide EP (unreleased or finished totally) w/ Nate Kelley (drums), David Parker (guitar), Joe Maggio (guitar), Morgan Evans (vocals), Sean Paul Pillsworth (bass). Recorded at Darkworld Studio

Dave Parker and I also did some electronic music together like “Face” and “Pictures” (w/ MaryAnna Hansen, Kirk of PPSP’s sister, who also is on Time of Orchids’ Tzadik release).

2004 to Present
Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch -myspace. com/ppsp
Nate Kelley (all instruments, back up vocals), Morgan Evans (vocals)…hired guns included Fernando Martinez of Novena and Zac Shaw @ first

  • 2005 Sense and Judgement (When The Body Is Cold) LP material-noir concept album/murder mystery…tracks done by Morgan and Nate exclusively and done at Darkworld Studios and Applehead Studio
  • 2007 The Greater Myth LP pre-production demos
    w/ Nate Kelley (guitar), Morgan Evans (vocals), Kirk Hansen (guitar, ex-The Eviction Directive with Nate Kelley), Justin Zipperle (drums), Seth Bulkin (bass).
    demos recorded 1st at Leopard Studios with Jimmy Goodman and then Sno Studios with Tim Mulley (ex-The Static Age drummer).

2006 FITS OF FURY -myspace. com/thefitsoffury
w/ Bobby Delicious (hip hop)

  • recorded 9 or 10 songs, 3 are online, rest need mixing or finishing touches.

2006 The Smash Up (temporary vocalist)
w/ Vin Alfieri (guitar)
Was called in as replacement for Watt White but material we were doing was very different so label wanted someone more emo and we decided to use our stuff for a future yet to be named project, maybe an iTunes EP.

2006 Starlet Skylark
w/ Liana Turner
mellow/acoustic folky sad stuff
(only wrote one song), more maybe in future

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Many thanks to Morgan Y. Evans for sharing this with A Thousand Torches! (May 14th, 2008)
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