The Ciggs

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The Ciggs are a rock band from Kingston, New York made up of members from Ghost Among The Dead (The Ricochet, Nightmares For A Week) and 3.

Matt (Hoss) Kolbinski – Vocals
Jacob Daniel Kolbinski – Guitar
Daniel Grimsland – Drums/Bass/Guitar
Josiah Smith – Bass/Guitar

“Life 101” was recorded at Joe Stote’s Temple of Stote and engineered by Joey Eppard.

Special aKt Media (November, 2010) – “Bright Eyed Princess”
This song from The Ciggs’ unreleased debut features theband3’s Daniel Grimsland on drums, bass and some guitar. “Bright Eyed Princess” was recorded at Jerry Marotta’s Jersville Studio and engineered by Roman Klun sometime between 2003 and 2004.