The Flatline Symphony

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The Flatline Symphony

founded: 2009

Bryan Mills
Myk Londino
Anthony Masington
Estil Holliday

other members- Eric Blackway, Jimmy Pop

official biography:

Rocking the Delaware Valley since their 2009 formation, The Flatline Symphony has been making waves with their passionate through-the-roof energy performances and driving, melodic songs. This is music to trigger colorful thoughts, stimulate conversation and memory, a call to arms that is sweeping yet remains more human than overindulgent. Call them New Prog, Pop Rock, Post-Hardcore, Progressive Pop…but the authentic sound cannot be explained merely by genre. Each song is an experience meant to be a mood unto itself, with new feelings and ideas pulled from varied styles with the philosophy that musical freedom in service to uncharted waters will create a more rewarding end result than limitations. Each song is laced with the poetic vocal talents of Anthony Masington (MoursWeerd Science live band), coupled with the catchy yet full on riffing guitars of Ryan Lucas and Myk Londino, the driving rhythm of Bryan Mills on drums and Estil Holliday on Bass; a united five-piece movement whose goals and sounds are sure to leave any listener reinvigorated.

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