The Ricochet

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The Ricochet is a 5 piece pop/rock group fronted by Jacob Daniel and based in the Hudson Valley.

In the fall of ’08, Jacob set out to record a full-length record. Funding it himself, and having friends lend their talents to the recording, “Don’t Feel” was created. With a wide variety of great musicians featured on this record, “Don’t Feel” represents his best and most commercial endeavor to date. Members of 3 appear on many of the tracks.

In Spring of ’09, Jacob began gathering members for his live band. He recruited Anthony Missasi, who played drums on much of the record. Guitars were manned by long time friend and band mate Josiah Smith, and brother-in-law Chris Lindstrom (formally of As I Lay Dying). Finally, Jordan Roland picked up the role of bassist.

The Ricochet was complete.

With a debut record out, enthusiastic crowd responses, and a flood of positive web feedback, this is a band that’s poised for success. Undeniable hooks, listenability, and an unmatched dedication to there craft sets this group apart from the rest of the fledgling groups today.