Evil Evil (with Bobby Delicious)

Artist: Bobby Delicious with Weerd Science
Track: “Evil Evil”
Album: none

Evil, evil, we are the people
In Hell we dwell, stuck like a needle

I lay down my lyrics on every compact disc like this
The last fuckin’ chance that I’ma get, this some serious shit
We live on bank-borrowed stolen time in this bitch
The disintegration of race relations
Felony trials and tribulations, frustration
Feds investigations, civil rights violations
Requiem for a civilation, it’s amazin’
In one day little kids became older
Now we all somber, sober,
Eyes wide open, lookin’ over shoulders
Someone tell me, is the game over?
Hate battles hate, revenge takes over
Homeland invasions, chemical infiltrations,
The annihilation equation, what I’m sayin’,
The message I’m conveyin’ the world is ever changing,
There’s no remaining comfortable or complacent
This ain’t the place for it
Even in your own back yard, clean it up
Someone please explain to me why, out the sky
Four jets fall out like shetlers and Catholics die
In the blink of an eye?
And that’s the shit that keeps me awake at night
And I can’t sleep and I make beats
And count countless sheeps and my own heartbeat

It’s Weerd Science, first commander of the rebel alliance
We’re defyin’ over these tyrants, the Seattle riots
We’re time pirates
I must’ve concocted a rhyme virus
And there’s no antidote and it never goes out of my mouth
I’m on a tight wire
I’m on the bottom floor but I think I’m much higher
I haven’t slept in days though why’m I still wired?
I can’t sleep, I peak up under my sheets
And at my feet lies the Grim Reap pointin’ a finger at me
Can’t remember the last time that somebody looked my way
Without wonderin’ what was wrong with America’s youth today
I brace the k (?) like the o-zone lay
Lay waste and disintigrate at a rate that you can’t domesticate
Knockin’ on Heaven’s *knock knock knock* gate
I’m eleven hours late, that gives me one hour
To prepare twelfth hour restin’ place but wait
I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die
Blood moves the backdrop, red paints the sky
No reason this is history repeatin’ itself
Sometimes the cards are dealt, they’re not fair but oh well
Sometimes there’s no answers and guess what
You better get used to it, you know what else?
Your leaders are runnin’ it

Evil, evil, we are the people
In Hell we dwell, stuck like a needle

Sometimes the needle skips, sometimes the needles rips
And when I rhyme the evil escapes through my lips
And every pore in my body from my toes out my fingertips
Like Synopsis, short circuit a mic when I grab it
It’s a bad habit, too bad I’m rabid

Agh, this is it, I’ve had it with all your automatic status
Wreak havoc, rip the circuits outta my brain
Take the fuckin’ needle and jam it
Peirce through your skin right through to your vein
Got fifty-seven channels and nothin’ is on
Stations worn out zombies and we dyin’ to sign on
Screamin’ right on! Raise your right arms
And leave your night light on
‘Cause mom’s a mess and dad’s unlocked his firearm

Like I said, in Hell we stuck
And me and Science we go together like mother and

And beats and rhymin’ and bad timing
My verse distracts your mind while it eats your stomach lining
And you finally realize that we not hiding
Arriving in T-minus 3, 2, 1
Out comes Bobby Delicious with another mental re-alignment

Back up, back up!
Evil eat with the people we act up
Flippin’ and rippin’ the tracks up
We’ll pack ya whole act up
You suck like a vacuum
We’ll kick ya right back to
Wick wick wick wick wick wax ‘em

Evil, evil, we are the people
In Hell we dwell, stuck like a needle

lyrics transcribed by: Evan Cassity of Kill Your Rapper