Artist: Weerd Science
Track: “Rage”

First of all, you rap about money, you’re fuckin’ corny
Chris, turn the beat up

No rapper can get me, so come and get me
What a pity, you thought you was biggie
But you really just itty-bitty mini
Across the city you rappers are frozen timidly no nippy
I wear you out like erosion for posin’
And then I, and I hope that when you play this in the club
Bitches cover they motherfuckin’ ears and run
And fellas trample for the door when they hear my verse
‘Cause I disperse words at a pace that fuckin’ hurts
I’m not blowin’ up, I’m showin’ up every rapper
Guns you throw up, that’s no clapper
I disarm ‘em, I want ‘em to get mad
I power and produce ’til I can’t fuckin’ stand
Fuck that, I won’t look back
You might beat me once but then I come right back
This time with an axe and a blade in a blind rage
To wage a war that’s been on since the ninth grade
That’s when I wrote my first rhyme
These are mind crimes and line by line
You can understand why I do the things I do
And the man that I am
I sit home alone, I got no friends
So, pretty much it’s just this and nothin’
I ain’t frontin’ workin’ nine-to-five
Heh, what are you buggin’?
Skeptics, best to get your best licks in
‘Cause you’ll be hard pressed to find rappers like this again

Rage, rage rage rage
We walk amongst one another

I know I shouldn’t let it get to me
But it gets to me and suddenly I can’t let it be
Hypocrisy, no label’s jockin’ me
Nobody likes me, especially when I’m droppin’ these
To make a motherfuckin knock-me rapper freeze
But he’s already frozen, stop me please
When I get the chance I’ma fuckin’ rip you in half
I blast right through your street team and shit on your fans
Your hand’s shakin’, you’re pissin’ your pants
I can’t take you serious or look at you for more than a glance
My record’ll never drop, it’s not comin’ out
The only way you get Science is word of mouth
So word ‘em up, my CDs you can burn ‘em up
Pass ‘em out to your buddies, come on, turn it up
No seriously, turn it up
You fuckin’ rappers ain’t hot, you ain’t burnin’ up
You blowin’ up, I tell you that I know this much
You gon’ fall when you hear your call, stolen ya bluff
I done had enough and I can’t say it enough
Kids eat what they’re force-fed, so I’m forcin’ it up
Pukin’ on your masters, Stanley the rapper
Shittin’ on your record label and pissin’ on AFTRA
Feel more angst in my blood as it stews in
It’s you and the part that you play
It makes me

Rage, rage rage rage
We walk amongst one another

My mindset is carved in stone, I’m as good as done
My mother says I’m just carryin’ on, give up
And get a job; in other words I never get on
But I never let on that inside of my head’s a mirror when all
Manipulatin’ my strings, makin’ me do things
That I’da never done, I never wanted to hurt anyone
See the moment is upon us
No matter who run up on us
We run it right back at ‘em
We attack ‘em with the cyber fiber optic
Chronic atomic psychotic chronic-enduced spasms
Yeah I have ‘em
Stan’ll show you pain that you can’t even imagine or fathom
When I grab him out the booth and I tell him the truth
There’s no record so we come with no couth
Fuckin’ A, the rage grows every day
Fuckin’ A, the rage grows every day
Fuckin’ A, the rage grows every day

Rage, rage rage rage
We walk amongst one another

Oh god, fuck. Yeah. Stanley. Weerd Science. Zig Zag.
Whoa, holy shit, oh my fuckin’ God.
Listen to me in here. I sound like a fuckin’ moron.

lyrics transcribed by Evan Cassity for Kill Your Rapper