Side to Side

Artist: Weerd Science
Track: “Side to Side”
Producer: David Parker and iLL
Album: none

Forward, forward, the sun I look towards
These borders and orders in all four corners of my storage
That’s my brain, just one of many organs
The thing about life and lessons that I’m owed
Ambitions that we accomplish and those that we never see happen
We actin’ like things are great
Air gaspin’ for see their agenda’s so different than mine
Might remember to forget if I have the time
If I had a minute to predict what the inevitable outcome is
It can’t be that hard to tell, I could put my finger on it
And tell you how it sits in me, not well
But for all the inner demons that I have expelled so many
There’s plenty of reasons for God to come and get me
I’ve actually just let me rot in an empty box
That’s locked from the outside with no holes and gettin’ hot

*chorus — sorry, i really can’t tell what he sings here*

I try to follow a straight line
Hopefully it leads to somewhere better than this
Success? Yeah right, me with a deal like blade to wrist
Feel so close every night
Can’t get up the nerve to cut and twist with the sharp end of the knife
Everyone around me reminds me of the sharp trick
Reminds me of somebody I met last night
Reminds me of somethin’ that I said last night
So if you feel the same, kinda stuck where you at
But got more to gain than just rap
This is not just a rhyme, at least not to me
Honestly, it’s the close things that are hard to see
‘Cause when you far away you might miss ‘em
And that would be better for me ’cause
My head and my heart get way ahead of me

You mean let it out?
I can’t, I got some shit I need to figure out, but…
I am! Listen to my chest
The air enters my lungs, it works little at best.
If I wasn’t breathing by now you would know.
If I wasn’t breathing by now you would know.


I always made myself believe I made some good decisions
Kinda smart but very far from wisdom
Of course I’ve made some bad ones
But never resorted to hand guns,
Sprayin’ people at random like gangsta rap anthems
As a young man my parents banned ‘em from the household
Which only increased my love for the shit like tenfold
This was my punk rock dad, just like you had
Your punk rock and your dad told you to stop
Now you know I gotta ask it
Am I lyin’ in my bed, or am I lyin’ in my casket?
Stretch my self so thin you’d think my name was elastic
Drastic measures fall for ass kick measures
And all these words on paper when the love be letter
All these people in my circle but can’t find the center
Does life get any better than this?
Am I truly the walkin’ dead, ’cause in the deadzone the living don’t exist
And tell me to breathe and that they understand
But everytime I speak then they interruptin’
God forbid that I smile for a minute
God forbid that I smile for a minute


lyrics transcribed by: Evan Cassity for Kill Your Rapper