Biography written by Travis Stever

What is rock and roll? Is it a look? Is it a dead legend that has been beaten and bruised
by attempted revival? Is it based on individual perception, and defined differently by all?
Does any one really know? Does anyone really care? This whirlwind of confusion blown
down from the gods of rock above may perturb us at times, but there is hope in it! It is an
ongoing force, holding places for new faces and sought-after sounds. Are you a part of
this rock and roll confusion? Do you spend 50 dollars each time you step into Tower
Records or your local Indie Rock superstore, but wind up with only 10 dollars worth of
satisfaction? If you do it must be easy to relate to what I’m saying. It’s that unnerving
feeling you have after buying four brand spanking new cd’s that almost make you ill with
disappointment. With so much new music to be heard, and so little to be satisfied by, the
gods of Rock seem to spit in our face all too often. At times it feels to me as though they
are spitting in my eye as a reminder to be patient, and soon the goods will come. Where
are the goods? Time is moving ever so fast and I want to get down while I am young!
Well the answer is not blowing in the wind! It is not right under our noses! It is all up to
the artists! We are all at the beginning of a story that will be continued on and on until our Rock and Roll has completely recovered from the illnesses of the past. So let this be a
message to each and every Indie rockin, straightedge Hard Core representin, hip hop
hurrayin, Emo or grind coring personality out there! There is hope!!! It lies within us! We
must respect each other for what we each represent, and continue our journey to fucking
rocking the world we are in!

We are Shabutie, a band based out of Nyack and Kingston New York! As a band, we
are tired of the confusion! We strive to be a part of what could be the revival of our
bedridden rock gods. We come to you the listeners from a part of the world where culture is only for comfort- and we are really sick of it! Shabutie has been a name carried by us for five years now. The name has been through the ringer but the band is a child ready for play. Label us what you will, weather it be Indie rock, emo core, or rock fusion it is all in the name of rock and roll to us, and that is what we are determined to bring you. On this note I will describe our band.

My name is Travis and I am a guitar player in this unit. I share guitar and singing lines
with the lead vocalist, a strapping young lad bearing the name Claudio Sanchez. He is a
man with a voice that makes Robert Plant and Geddy Lee mad for ever trying. Matter of
fact, his range is so high it puts a Vienna choir boy to immediate shame. In the rhythm
section of the band are two of the finest gentlemen in existence – Joshua Eppard and Mic
Todd. Joshua Eppard is personally my favorite drummer in the world, and not just because I am in a band with him. I know what truly lies beneath the mad man at work as he has taken over for the past drummers so dear to my heart. I see aspects of Stewart Copeland, Keith Moon, and of course, John Bonham. Josh just isn’t drunk as often as Mr. Bonham was. A problem I hope will be solved sooner or later. Then there is Mic Todd, well what can I say? The man is the best fucking bass player I have ever come across- hands down. And hey, he is always fun to be around! With that I will stop bragging and leave it up to all of you. In this time of confusion when so many great bands go unheard, we will continue to work for you the listeners and our fellow artists in trying to give rock back the energy it once had! If you are in love with music as we are, you are bound to find nothing but sheer pleasure within Shabutie. We are destined to rock you and we are determined to please! Give us a listen and come join us as the musical winds change directions!
Thank You,

past members: Travis Stever, Claudio Sanchez, Jon Carleo, Mic Todd, Nate Kelley, Josh Eppard

Shabutie became Coheed and Cambria.