thefamily3 Fun Facts

3’s song “Wake Pig” was featured in the Henry Rollins film, “Wrong Turn 2”

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I asked Joe Stote if he has a second job as a member of the Blue Man group (poor sarcastic joke) but turns out that in 1988 (yes when I was still wearing huggies) that he actually tried out for them. He went to the try outs for the first day and discovered that you needed experience in theatrical arts and serious stuff like that and you couldnt just be a good drummer with charisma. They also had mandated schedule practices from 8-5. So he bailed out on that shortly after.

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Alternate song titles-

The Emerald Undertow / Careless Kim
10/10 Wins / The End is Begun
D-Ripper / My Divided Falling

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“Dive” is a prequel to “The Emerald Undertow” / “Careless Kim”

“Race The Light” and “The Last Day” are also related.

Mia Matsumiya, the female face in the liner notes of Second Stage Turbine Blade, is also the violinist of Kayo Dot!

Ashton Holmes, best known for his role in the film “A History of Violence,” formerly of the band Method of Groove, initially brought Coheed and Cambria’s demos to Equal Vision Records insisting the label sign the band.

Gym Class Heroes give Weerd Science a shout-out on “On My Own Time (Write On!)” off the 2006 release, As Cruel as School Children.  In December 2004 GCH were the opening act of the first Weerd Science tour.

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